Will Sevin Dust Kill Bed Bugs?

Sevin Dust

Yes, Sevin dust will kill bed bugs.

The dust contains carbaryl that over stimulates the bugs’ nervous system, killing them due to shortness of breath. Sevin dust kills bed bugs by contact or ingestion. It does not repel bed bugs, but it effectively manages a widespread infestation.

Spray Sevin dust around the room in specific points of infestation. Concentrate on corners, cracks, and crevices. You can extend this to spraying outdoors on trees, plants, and just about any area where bed bugs can hide. Don’t forget to spray the ceilings. Bed bugs crawl up there to hide when they sense danger.

We need to note that people rarely use Sevin dust for bed bugs because it is toxic to humans and pests. Manufacturers recommend it for outdoor use only. Bed bugs are indoor pests and therefore do not feature on the list of target pests.

Carbaryl causes dizziness, nausea, vomiting, slurred speech, and weakness when inhaled. Your heart and lungs experience reduced functionality. Here, you can go for pesticides that are less harmful to humans. For instance, desiccants will strip off bed bugs’ protective wax coating. Boric acid is an example of a desiccant. You can use pyrethrin to drive the bed bugs from their hideout.

Cold-pressed neem oil is another solution, a biochemical that can kill bedbugs in their early stages. This makes it the best solution for indoor bed bug eradication.