DIY Rodent Control & Prevention Tips for Your Home

Unless you live in an urban area, there’s a good chance that you will encounter some wildlife in your very own backyard or porch. In most cases, it’s best to let the professionals handle the wildlife cases due to the dangers associated with handling wild animals.

It will largely depend on where you live but here is a list of common animals that homeowners frequently encounter in their own yard and garden. In most cases, the best solutions are to either repel these animals or to trap them using a cage. Most places will have a wildlife handling and removal service that you can call once you have trapped the animal.

Wild Deer
Herds of deer can be found in many neighborhoods across the states. They are fairly harmless, until they start to chew away at any crops you have in your garden.

Snapping Turtle
Take great care when handling a snapping turtle. There’s not a lot of things that will resist the strength of a snapping turtle’s bite.

Nesting Birds
Birds can become a nuisance to homeowners if they start to nest in places around your home such as the porch or the roof. Learn how to encourage birds to nest on the trees instead.

Chase away the pigeons from your balcony or patio before they start to make a mess of those areas with their droppings.

Tired of hearing a woodpecker’s pecking all day long? Use home remedies to encourage woodpeckers to peck at trees that are further away from your home.

Bats are beneficial in a number of ways (e.g. pest control) but can become a huge nuisance, especially if they find their way into your attic. Learn how to safely handle such a situation.

Large rats are the last animals you want to see wandering the inner spaces of your home. Find out how you can use home remedies to eliminate these creatures.

Don’t handle snakes on your own unless you are absolutely certain of the species you are about to handle. Find out how you can discourage snakes from entering your yard.

Opossums are fairly harmless animals but they can become a concern for homeowners, especially if they start to hide in the spaces underneath the house.

Armadillos are nocturnal creatures that can create a havoc in your backyard by digging up big mounds. Learn how to handle them safely.

Skunks aren’t aggressive creatures. They will only spray if they feel threatened. Learn how to discourage skunks from wandering around your property.

Chipmunks create tunnels that may destabilize the soil surface and increase the chances of erosion. Learn how to drive the chipmunks out of your yard.

Have the squirrels somehow made their way into your roof or attic? Learn how to get them out without having to resort to harmful methods.

Most wild raccoons will only attack if they feel threatened. That said, you probably don’t want them to be wandering around your home due to the risk of transmitting diseases like rabies. They are also known as garbage dogs for a reason.

Like the chipmunks, the groundhogs will also make a mess of your yard if you give them access to your garden or backyard. Learn how to humanely capture these wild rodents.

Stray Cats
It’s not a bad thing to have wild or feral cats hanging around in your neighborhood because they can scare the rodents away. That said, too many stray cats may do more harm than good.

You don’t want the mice to hang around for too long, especially if you have yet to encounter the smell of a decomposing mice. Learn how to lure the mice out with simple traps.

Moles and Voles
Moles and voles can do a great deal of damage to your garden. Learn how to create a barrier so they don’t feel the need to visit your garden bed.

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