Safest Place to Sleep When You Have Bed Bugs

Bed Bug

The best place to sleep when having a bed bug problem is in the infected spot, likely your bed. Bed bugs are nocturnal bugs and will mostly only come out during the night to feed on their victims, which is why they usually nest inside beds, making for the perfect spot for a quick meal.

Bed bugs are resilient and persistent, so getting rid of them is a hassle. Moving to another room when having a bed bug problem is considered a temporary solution and worsens the situation. If they don’t find their regular meal in the bed, they’ll move around the house and look for another spot and will find you wherever you decide to sleep, nesting in that place. Despite being called bed bugs, they will happily nest in couches or wherever they can find a hiding spot during the day next to where you’re sleeping.

When dealing with bed bugs, don’t delay the inevitable by moving from room to room. Sleep on your bed using a bed mattress casing for bed bugs, clean up the entire house and take the necessary precautions.