What to Do if You Can’t Find Where Ants are Coming From?


Ants are clever. They use the smallest cracks and crevices to enter your house. They build their nests in places you least expect. You will only spot a few at a time.

Ants get into homes to look for food and shelter, and the kitchen is their favorite place. You will also find them in places such as bathrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and study rooms. They can be spotted in your AC and heating units, small holes, under trash cans, in pet food, and water bowls.

Check for any nests in the soil, around foundations, on sidewalks, and fences. Get inside and inspect the basement. Comb through leaky pipes, washing machines, and damp areas. Check all the floors for food sources.

If it is the rainy season, the ants may get to your house to grab a temporary shelter. This happens especially when their nests flood. Keep ants away from your home by cleaning up and ensure they don’t get any food sources in your house.