What do Carpenter Ants Eat?

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are huge, one of the biggest species of ants, in fact. They have a deep black color and love wood. But do they eat the wood? Well, actually, no, they don’t. The name comes from their use of wood, as carpenters work with wood, and so do they. Carpenter ants only like living inside the wood, so they look for partially rotten wood or previous damp wood to make their nest.

What they really eat is entirely dependent on their current location. Their main nest usually is out in the woods or gardens, as they like to nest inside trees or wooden fences. Their diet consists of honeydew, plants, fruits, insects, and even dead animals when outside. Their diet will adapt to pretty much anything we’re eating, like meats, bread, drinks, fast food, and whatever else they can find when inside our houses. They have preferences for sweets and proteins, though, so be careful leaving those lying around.

If you see any big black ants walking around your home, it means there’s likely to be a nest somewhere close. And if any winged black ants pop up, try locating their nest and calling for professionals to remove it. Carpenter ants can cause long-term structural damages so it’s best to handle them as soon as possible.