What Causes Gnats to Appear in the Kitchen?


If you have tiny flies swarming the kitchen then you are more likely to be dealing with fruit flies than gnats. The two main causes of these flies appearing in the kitchen are moisture and food.

There’s moisture due to puddles in the kitchen, food spillage, garbage can, moist potting soil, and leaky pipes. Besides food, they’ll search for a breeding ground in your kitchen. Different species breed in different environments. Fungus gnats will target potted plants in your kitchen. Other gnats will breed in different areas such as garbage cans, food spillage, under the sink, hidden water puddles, etc.

Sweet smells from fruits and vegetables attract gnats. There are some species like fungus gnats that follow the scent of decomposing organic matter. You’ll find them around compost, fungus, moss, and mold. You’ll also find them in rooms where there’s a potted plant.

Gnats don’t see in the dark; they’ll follow the lighting in the kitchen. They’ll swarm around lamps and light fixtures as long as you’re working in the kitchen. Your sweat will attract some gnat species. Others will follow your body heat, tears, mucus, and carbon dioxide as you exhale. They may also follow the temporary scents you wear, such as colognes, detergents, lotions, and hair sprays. Avoid fruity smells since gnats love them.

Employ preventive measures to get rid of gnats from your kitchen. Ensure garbage disposals are closed appropriately, keep the sink clean, wipe off spillage immediately they occur, and dry any damp area.