Best Weeding Tools for Removing Weeds Between Pavers

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If you are currently dealing with weed overgrowth in between pavers, you know that it can be difficult to find just the right products to use to eliminate these stubborn weeds. Getting rid of the weeds in the pavers will not only make everything look much nicer, but it can help prevent the pavers from being damaged or from getting destabilized.

Follow this guide to learn about the best tools to use to get rid of the weeds between pavers, and also some handy tips on what you can do beyond tools to eliminate the weeds.

Best Tools for Getting Rid of Weeds Between Pavers

Several different tools exist on the market that claim to get rid of weeds from anywhere you have a weed problem, including between pavers. While many tools claim to be useful for this situation, there are actually only a handful of tools that really get this job done. Below are a couple of the best tools that actually do get rid of the weeds between pavers with ease.

Gardena Hand Weeder

The Gardena Hand Weeder is one of the top tools available if you are trying to get rid of the weeds between pavers. This tool features a grip that is slip-resistant and is a very high-quality product for the price. The blade is hardened stainless steel that’s been hardened for even more durability and it’s also resistant to rust.

There are a lot of pros if you purchase the Gardena Hand Weeder, with one being that this product will get all kinds of debris out from the joints and pavers. It can remove weeds, grass, moss, and much more from those hard-to-reach areas. This product is very sharp and that means it’s going to cut quicker and with less resistance than other similar products. The hook is a great addition too because it allows you to move rocks or other similar pieces of debris that’s getting in the way.

There are a few cons with this product though, with the biggest being it can be difficult to use this product if you have bad wrists and hands. If you suffer from arthritis, you might find this tool too hard to use or too bulky. You have to push to cut and this is unlike other products where you simply pull, and that can take some getting used to. Some weeds are also very thin and can manage to get past the blade.

Carrot Design Garden Weeding Tool

The second tool we wanted to tell you about is the Carrot Design Garden Weeding Tool and this tool is a cape cod handheld weeder. With this type of weeder, you simply drag the pointy end on the ground and begin to cut the weeds right at the roots. You also will be able to use the sharpened tip to dig out the weeds from underneath. The handle is beech hardwood so it’s very durable and the blade is made from stainless steel.

The Carrot Design Garden Weeding Tool has many pros to it, including that it makes weeding so much easier due to the cape cod design. This product is 14-inches long overall with the handle being a nice and hefty 8-inches. The stainless steel blade is 2.75 inches but the entire shank is 6-inches long. It has the ability to remove a huge section of weeds at once so it will get the job done much quicker.

One con about this tool is that it doesn’t work too well if you are left-handed. This tool is also very lightweight so some people have issues with it being able to hold up to the more thick plentiful weeds and roots. There are also complaints that due to the design of this tool it can be difficult to find the best way to use it to get rid of the weeds in between the pavers.

Why Weed Growth is Bad for Paving stones

Weed growth is really bad for paving stones for many reasons, including that it just gives off an ugly appearance. The surface also looks really untidy when you have a ton of weeds growing out from the pavers. If the weed growth is heavy enough, it could actually destabilize the pavement surface, causing pavers to fall or crack.

How to Stop Weeds from Growing Between Pavers

Did you know there are other methods aside from using tools that can help stop weeds from growing between pavers? A lot of people think that handheld gardening tools are the only solution to this problem, but that’s simply not true. Here are just a few of the best methods you can use beyond tools to eliminate the weed problem between the pavers.

1. Cover the Weeds with Black Fabric

Covering the weeds with black fabric is known as the solarization method. Use thick black landscaping fabric to prevent sunlight from reaching the weeds. It might take a month or two but it’s effective for killing tough perennial weeds.

2. Pour Boiling Water

Pour boiling water in between the pavers to help prevent weeds from growing in between the pavers, although this is a short-term solution. The weeds may grow back if the hot water doesn’t kill off the roots.

3. Burn The Weeds with a Propane Torch

Using a propane torch to burn the weeds is another option, although it may lead to discoloration of the paver stones or bricks. There are propane torches specifically designed for weed burning so these are what you want to purchase instead of a standard propane torch.

4. Fill Gaps with Polymeric Sand

Fill gaps with polymeric sand as this may help prevent future weed growth between the pavers. This is going to be like a grout for the outdoors and it often gets pretty hard after it has setup properly. Using this product will essentially bind the pavers together just as if you had used cement. The sand itself won’t wash away and it will stop the weeds from growing in-between.