Natural Weed Control Tips

Garden weeds can be a huge annoyance for gardeners. Not only are they unattractive to look at, they are also leaches by taking away valuable nutrients and minerals from your garden plants.

When dealing with garden weeds, a common dilemma gardeners have is to decide whether to use natural weed control methods or chemical herbicide. Each has their pros and cons.

Benefits of Natural Weed Control

Here is a list of benefits for using natural control methods.

Safety: acute and chronic exposure to chemical herbicide could lead to numerous health problems, such as skin irritation. Herbicide can also be toxic to pets.

Environment: the use of herbicide can have a detrimental impact on the local ecosystem. Herbicide can also easily enter the water system.

Disadvantages of Natural Weed Control

Here is a list of disadvantages for using natural control methods.

Effectiveness: natural methods don’t work as quickly and effectively as herbicide does. It may take a lot of trial-and-error until you come up with a winning natural weed control system. You may not have the time to wait if you are already dealing with a major weed issue in the garden.

Complexity: some DIY natural weed control methods require you to get a number of items/ingredients that may not be readily available at home.

Common Garden Weeds

Visit the links below for natural weed control tips specific to common garden weeds.

Please share with us if you have any unique natural weed control tips for the above weeds.