4 Simple Ways to Water Plants While You Are Away on Vacation

Saving Water

Will you be spending some time away from home? Use the following methods to water indoor and outdoor plants while you are away on vacation.

1. Insert Terracotta Watering Stakes
You can insert terracotta watering stakes into the soil to keep your plants healthy while you are away on vacation. Place a stake on top of a filled bottle then flip the stake over and place it into the soil. Unlike water globes, terracotta stakes could prevent over-watering.

2. Cover Plants with a Plastic Bag
Cover your plants with a plastic bag to eliminate evaporation. You may, however, want to poke a few tiny holes in the plastic bag to prevent the plants from suffocating.

According to one article, you can keep your houseplants without water for several weeks by wrapping it in a polyethylene plastic bag.

3. Create a DIY Cotton Rope Watering System
This DIY plant watering system will make sure your plants are only getting water when needed. You will need a natural cotton string rope and a jug of water.

First, wrap one end of the cotton rope around the stem of the plant then use your finger to gently bury the rope into the soil. Next, place the opposite end of the cotton rope into the jug of water. The water from the jug will start to wick over to the container plant.

4. Install a Smart Sprinkler System
Install a smart sprinkler system for lawns and outdoor plants. These systems will allow you to remotely control the outdoor irrigation system. A smart watering system will also take in weather data to adjust the irrigation schedule.

According to stats from the EPA, we could be wasting as much as 50% of water due to inefficient irrigation systems. You can save money on your water bill by installing a smart system.