What Does a Wasp Nest Look Like?


Wasp nests have a distinct gray coloring to them, sometimes resembling cement. The queen wasp starts building its nest during the spring, and the materials vary from clay to wood. They start comparable to a golf ball in size but can grow larger during the summer as more wasps grow. Apart from clay nests, the texture usually is akin to paper, as they are made from digested wood from the wasp queen. The nests are mostly built on high spots with a fixed surface, like ceilings or tree branches, preferably in safe and calm places, like inside a shed or garage.

When looking for early signs of a nest, try following a wasp, as it usually leads back to it. Wasps also leave white scrapping marks on wood as they gather material for the nest, and it is a good indicator one is being built nearby. During its early stages, nests are small and have few to no wasps working on them, other than the queen, so it is advisable to remove them. When they are fully built, avoid getting close, as they will attack anyone nearby if agitated. It may be best to call for professional help if you don’t know exactly know what you are doing to get rid of the wasps and their net.