Vertical Gardening Systems

Vertical Gardening Systems

Vertical gardening, also known as green walls and eco-walls, is the process of growing plants on a vertical wall. You have definitely come across them before. For example, some buildings have vertical gardening on the outer-walls. Some people grow vertical gardens in offices as well. Compared to other gardening systems, vertical gardening is possibly the most space-efficient.

Vertical Gardening Benefits

As we mentioned earlier, vertical gardening is great for those who are conscious about space because you are growing vegetation on the side of a wall. Green walls also become great decorations. If you have a large blank wall then you can make your apartment more eco-friendly by developing a vertical garden. These types of gardens will also lead to additional benefits like an improvement in air quality. Has your home been smelling a little dusty recently? You can bring back the smell of fresh air by simply having one of these green walls.

Vertical Gardening Limitations

Compared to other forms of gardening systems, vertical gardens are very hard to install. It isn’t suited for all plants either. For example, vertical gardens can dry out really quickly if you don’t get the placement right. You need to make sure the whole wall is receiving plenty of natural sunlight. It’s hard to find a wall that provides the right amount of light exposure. Vertical gardens can also be quite messy because soil and dirt can fall off quite easily. As you can see, vertical gardening isn’t for everybody. It is best suited for people who have the time to maintain the green wall.

Vertical Gardening Equipment & Tools

Vertical gardening requires a few special tools. Instead of normal gardening containers, you’ll need to invest in garden planters. One thing you definitely have to check is to make sure that the planter is big enough to support the plant’s rooting system. As you can see, you’ll be limited to growing small to medium plants when you use vertical gardening systems. One final item you should invest in is high-quality soil. Low-quality soil can release a lot of dirt and you definitely don’t want that to spread all over your house or apartment.

Common Questions

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2. What kind of mulch and compost should you use?

3. What kind of material is suitable for the vertical base?

4. How do I water the plants, flower, and herbs that grow on the garden?