Using Baking Soda on Dogs to Get Rid of Fleas

Baking Soda

Yes, you can safely use baking soda on your dog to get rid of fleas. In fact, regularly bathing your dog in baking soda can be beneficial, as it’s a common way to give dogs a dry bath. Baking soda could help get rid of fleas due to its properties of acting as a dehydrating agent.

Baking soda is usually applied with a mixture of salt in a ratio of 1:1. The mixture will dry fleas, their eggs, and the larvae, killing them through dehydration. The amount can vary wildly depending on the dogs’ size and their fur size as well. To apply the mixture:

1. Take your dog into an open area or somewhere you can clean up powder dust easily, as the process can get messy.

2. Check your dog for cuts before applying, as the salt in the mixture will irritate and hurt your dog.

3. If the dog is cleared of cuts, apply the mixture to the fur and gently rub it until it gets under the fur coat.

4. After the application is done, take a towel and rub the excess off.

5. Pass a fine comb through the fur to get the fleas and the rest of the baking soda off.

Some dogs may have skin that is sensitive to the above mixture so it may be important as a safety measure to first apply the baking soda mixture on a small patch of the dog’s body. You can then check if your dog has any reactions or sensitivities toward the baking soda.