Remedies for Tiny Ants Around the Kitchen Sink


The kitchen sink can be an oasis for ants. Not only are there likely to be food particles for the ants to feed on, but also plenty of water for ants to drink when the weather outside gets too hot and dry. Here are some remedies for getting rid of tiny ants around the kitchen sink.

Use a Borax-based Ant Bait

You could make your own borax ant bait or buy one off the shelves, such as the Terro ant bait. Place the bait near the kitchen sink and wait a week or two. The number of tiny ants that return to the sink should gradually get smaller and smaller. Borax can kill ants by interrupting their digestive system. The bait works well because it gives the worker ants enough time to return the bait to their colony.

Keep Kitchen Spotlessly Clean

The tiny ants will disappear on their own if you take away the very things that are attracting them to the kitchen sink in the first place. If you aren’t already doing so, you should vacuum and wipe the surface of the whole kitchen on a regular basis. Pay close attention to the surface of the kitchen sink. You will be surprised by the amount of gunk that gets wiped away with a wet cloth.

Block the Entrance Paths

This isn’t an easy task given how small ants are but identifying and blocking the ant’s entrance path is an important step to future-proofing your home from pests. This may involve tiny gaps along the windowsill or cracks on the wall. Ants leave a trail so it’s easy to find out how they are reaching the kitchen sinks.