Similarity & Differences Between Ticks and Bed Bugs


Bed bugs and ticks are often mistaken for each other, as they are both tiny blood-sucking parasites that like preying on us, our kids, and our pets. But why do people often mistake these bugs, and what makes them different? Well, apart from liking blood, these insects don’t share much at all, as they aren’t even both bugs.

Ticks are not bugs but are actually arachnids. Typical bugs and insects, when fully matured, will have up to six legs, but arachnids have eight legs total, making it an easy way to tell ticks apart from bed bugs. Another great way is by looking at their body and color.

Bed bugs usually have a deep brown coloring when unfed, while ticks can be several colors, ranging from brown to red or even green. Ticks also can have markings like stripes on their back, which instantly gives them away, as bed bugs do not. If they’ve already fed, telling them apart is more straightforward, as ticks become plump with a grey or blue color, while bed bugs will have a red coloring to them.

If you spot any of them, identification is the first step to properly dealing with them. Both ticks and bed bugs need to be taken seriously. Heavy infestations should be dealt with by profesisonals and not natural home remedies.