3 Home Remedies to Stop Birds from Nesting on Your Porch

Bird Spike

While it’s great to be able to observe nature right outside your window, having bird nests on your porch can lead to some undesirable problems. Here are three remedies to stop birds from nesting on your porch without resorting to harmful chemicals.

1. Install Steel Spike Covers on the Porch

The stainless steel bird spikes will prevent birds of all sizes (including sparrows, pigeons, and swallows) from building nests on your porch.f

Installation is very straightforward. Use bird spike adhesives, screws, or nails to attach the base of the steel spike cover to the porch. It’s important that you get spikes made of high-quality stainless steel to avoid rusting and decay.

2. Set up a Bird House

If you’d like to encourage wild birds to nest near your home (just not your porch) then consider installing a bird house in an isolated corner of the backyard.

It may take some time but setting up a bird house is a great way to encourage certain species of birds to nest in your backyard. For example, a bird house with an entrance hole size of 1 1/2 inches may attract bluebirds and tree swallows.

3. Scare them away with a Decoy

This method can be a hit-or-miss but placing a decoy predator on the porch could be enough to scare the birds away. Your choice of predator will largely depend on the type of birds you are trying to scare away from the porch.

For example, a decoy hawk could be effective for scaring away smaller birds like blue jays and swallows. If these decoys don’t work the first time then try placing them in different positions.

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