Fast Ways to Get Rid of Springtail Bugs in the House


Springtail bugs are completely harmless to humans and pets, though they can be extremely invasive and unpleasant to have around the house. These bugs are tiny, though numerous. They can reproduce fast and move on to another food source in swarms when the current one is depleted.

Like many other creatures, springtail bugs require food to survive. They usually live on the soil, preferring damp areas with decaying organic matter to feed. If they can’t find more food, or if the area dries out, they’ll move to the next spot they can find with a lot of moisture. And if the said place happens to be inside your home, you’ll have an infestation of these tiny creatures very suddenly.

The first step to prevent and remedy this situation is getting rid of any excess moisture around the house. Potted plants are a typical instance of high exposed water inside a house.

A bathroom with little to no ventilation can also have a lot of moisture. Fixing and leaks around the house can prevent high levels of humidity as well. Having good ventilation inside your home can help significantly reduce humidity too.