What Sprays Can Kill House Spiders Instantly?


Several species of venomous spiders like to live inside houses, like Black Widows and Brown Recluses. Tackling them head-on is very dangerous, so it’s advised to use methods you can apply at a range to dispose of them, like sprays.

Sprays can be extremely effective both for prevention and for quick disposal. But unfortunately, only heavy chemical sprays can consistently kill spiders instantly, and even those aren’t 100% guaranteed to work while being dangerous to humans and pets at the same time. But there are some DIY natural options to aid in preventing and making them go away.

1. Mixing a bit of dish soap with warm water can be effective in stunning them when sprayed directly and even kill some weaker species instantly in some instances.

2. Mixing one part of vinegar into two parts of water can also be effective when sprayed directly on top and for prevention. Spray around cracks, holes, corners, windows, and doors, so they stay away from those spots.

3. Some essential oils can also be effective when mixed into water and dish soap. Peppermint essential oil is a great option to spray around the house for prevention and on top of them too.