Safe Methods to Getting Rid of Spiders from Outside Deck

Outdoor Deck

Having spiders and webs in a deck is not an uncommon sight at all, though highly undesirable for several reasons, including safety. If left alone, they will hang around decks and lawns for several generations, spreading webs all over the place and possibly reproducing and moving inside your house as well.

It can be quite a bit of work to avoid this problem and get rid of spiders on your deck, but it’s the best and a natural way to do it, safe for both humans and pets.

Spiders make webs on decks because it’s a great food source for them. And it’s often an excellent food source because there are lights that attract other insects to it. So by simply leaving the lights off, spiders will not hang around as much in the area. If you find some spiders or webs, take them down with a broom or vacuum and keep the area cleaned up of clutter so they don’t hide in another spot.

To avoid them from moving inside your house, use a duster to spread diatomaceous earth around cracks and gaps on doors and windows.