Why Spiders Like to Stay in Your Bathroom

Bathroom Moisture

Spiders infest bathrooms looking for insects and water. Insects live near a source of food and water. Sometimes, insects will be after exterior lighting, which is visible at night through a bathroom window. That’s why you’ll find many of them in the kitchen and bathroom.

Spiders in the house help keep a population of other insects under control. However, some spiders like the black widow are venomous and their bite can be fatal. Although insects like moist areas, the environment places them at a disadvantage against the spider, which makes its way into bathrooms through pipes and crevices.

The only way to keep spiders off your bathroom is to eliminate their food source. Place sticky traps to catch flying and crawling insects. Replace the straps every two days. Seal off any cracks that may act as a passage for insects and spiders.

You can opt to release a spider or keep it within the house. However, you will need to know the type of spider. Black widow and brown recluse are the most dreaded species of house spiders. If you don’t have enough knowledge about spiders, release the spider through the window.