Best Ergonomic Snow Shovels for People with Bad Back

Snow Shovels

One thing we don’t look forward to when it comes to winter is having to clear the snow. Shoveling is a manually-intensive work that can lead to soreness and pain, especially on the back. Fortunately, there are ergonomic snow shovels designed to reduce the stress on the body.

Ergonomic Snow Shovel Recommendations

We would recommend checking out the following snow shovels based on their durability and ergonomic design. You will feel a big difference on your back once you give these shovels a go.

Suncast SC2700KDD Snow Shovel

This snow shovel by Suncast has a blade design that combines both the shoveling and pushing element. You can do either of these actions with this shovel based on the snow clearing situation at hand. The head of the shovel is constructed with a galvanized steel strip so it will be able to handle the weight of the snow easily without breaking down.

The one minor flaw with this snow shovel is the tendency for compacted snow to stick to the shovel blade. This, however, can be easily handled by applying some non-stick spray before you go outside to clear out the snow.

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Shovel

If you are looking for an economical snow shovel that is impact-resistant then look no further than the Snow Joe Shovelution shovel. This one is particularly good for people who have elevated sidewalks in the yard area. One concern that people have when purchasing a shovel is how well it is able to handle the impact of hitting hard objects like elevated concrete. This isn’t a concern for this shovel.

The shovel also comes with an interesting spring-assist handle, which will help reduce the strain on your back. Think of this additional handle as a fulcrum. The handle length comes out to about 41.3 inches so it also works well for the tall folks.

MOVTOTOP Snow Shovel

This snow shovel means serious business and it’s a great choice for people with bad backs. The shovel head comes out to about 16.1 inches, which means you will be able to handle a lot of snow clearing in just a few minutes. The length can also be adjusted from about 31.5 inches to 47.2 inches.

The handle also uses a D-shape design, which will allow you to grip the handle with ease and convenience. If you need to clear out a light layer of snow from time to time then this snow shovel is good value for money.

Top Qualities of a Snow Shovel

While it may not seem like it, there are a number of different aspects that you need to consider for a good ergonomic snow shovel. These aspects may include the maximum length of the shovel, the material construction, and the handle.

Common Questions About Snow Shovels

Here are some common questions that people ask when it comes to using and buying an ergonomic snow shovel. The difference between a good shovel and a bad one is night-and-day.

What’s the Difference Between a Snow Shovel and a Snow Pusher?

There are some slight differences between the two. The main function of the snow shovel is to pick up the snow, whereas with a snow pusher, you are pushing the snow out (such as to the side of the driveway). Snow pushers are typically better for the body as it avoids mechanisms that put strain on your body. However, they may not offer as much flexibility. Snow pushers are better for getting rid of snow that have accumulated on a flat surface.

Should You Shovel While it is Still Snowing?

It may seem meaningless but it’s better to shovel out a bit of snow while it is still snowing. You don’t want a blanket to form around the house. In some serious cases, you will need to call the professionals to help you remove the thick layer of snow that formed in the yard.

Can You Lose Weight by Shoveling Snow?

Yes, the one of the health benefits of shoveling is the huge number of calories you will burn by taking part in such an activity. Obviously, we wouldn’t recommend doing this often if you have a bad back but shoveling will make a good exercise across the whole body. You have to walk, push, lift, and throw in order to make use of a snow shovel.

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