Are Moth Balls Effective Against Snakes?

Moth Balls

No, moth balls do not help keep snakes away from anywhere. In fact, these are quite dangerous for both humans and pets alike, as the chemicals can cause health issues or even lead to death if the chemicals are inhaled or eaten. And since they are little white squishy balls, they look attractive to children and pets alike, making them a hazard to have around.

The myth of moth balls working against snakes comes from the fact that some snake repellants use the main chemical ingredient from them, naphthalene or paradichlorobenzene, but neither has been proven to work, same with many other repellants.

But there are other ways to deal with snakes, though you might not even want to in some cases. The majority of snakes are harmless and will even help with some pests and nuisances around your garden. Though if you want to keep them away without the use of any chemicals, there are a few ways to do it.

First, take care of the grass by mowing it down, and move anything unnecessary that could serve as a hiding spot inside. Move pet food inside as well. And get rid of anything that might attract snakes’ prey.