Are There Snake Repellents that Are Safe to Use Around Pets?

Wild Snake

The short answer is no. Most snake repellents that work have several heavy chemicals that can be quite harmful to pets and even humans. Some gardeners report several natural methods to deal with snakes, though none has been proved actually to work in any capacity, making them unreliable and quite dangerous in some cases.

But rather than repelling snakes, you can prevent them from moving in by taking care of the area you live in and making it undesirable for them.

Keep your lawn trimmed – High grass encourages snakes to move in and around as it camouflages them. It also encourages rodents for the same reason, which are a food source for snakes.

Tidy up the area – Removing clutter like boxes, firewood, and other things that can create hiding spots for snakes and rodents will make it undesirable for them.

Get rid of their food sources – Controlling the small animal population in your area is essential, as snakes will feed on several things such as frogs, birds, and rodents. Proper positioning of bird feeders and taking pet food inside after they eat it goes a long way.