Tips for Growing Snake Plants in Windowless Room or Bathroom

It won’t be the ideal environment for snake plants or any houseplants for that matter but it absolutely is possible to grow snake plants in a room or bathroom with no windows. Here are some tips to ensure your snake plant is able to thrive despite not being able to get natural sunlight.

Shifting Snake Plant to a Window Spot

Fortunately, snake plants are relatively small houseplants so it shouldn’t be too hard to temporarily shift the snake plant container from time to time to a location that does get indirect sunlight for a few hours per day. This, admittedly, can get tiring especially if you need to do it every day so it’s not a long-term solution for growing snake plants in windowless rooms.

Introducing a Grow Light

A better solution is to install a small indoor grow light in the windowless room or bathroom. A grow light is an electric light fixture that’s specifically designed to help plants grow by providing the light spectrum the plant requires. For snake plants and other similar-sized succulents, you would want a grow light with the following properties.

Lumen Output

Find a grow light that’s able to offer a range of 300 – 800 lumens per square foot. Lumens is a measure for the total amount of visible light. You can also purchase succulent grow lights if you are unsure of what you are looking for.

Light Spectrum

In addition to the appropriate lumen output, find a grow light that provides a balanced range of light wavelengths. Generally speaking, blue light serves the purpose of helping plants grow, while red light helps with flowering. Ideally, you are looking for a grow light that can provide the full spectrum but those that only offer red and blue light will work too for snake plants in windowless rooms.

Wattage Consumption

Last but not least, check the wattage which refers to the amount of electricity the grow light lamp uses. To be cost-efficient, you should look for a grow light that offers a higher lumens per watt as this would mean that the lighting is more efficient.

By accounting for the above factors, you should be able to find a grow light that suits the need of a snake plant placed in a room with no windows. We would suggest leaving the grow light on for at least eight to ten hours in order for the snake plant to stay healthy. Anything lower may end up in the snake plant developing unwanted visuals like curling leaves or discolored leaves.


  • bathroom plant:

    I keep my snake plant in a windowless bathroom and it has done fine so far. I move it next to the window once every few days so it gets some sunlight.

  • Confused:

    What kind of grow light has people had success with when growing their snake plant in a dark room?? I got one from Amazon but my plant isn’t looking too well at the moment.

  • Britta:

    Recommendation for anyone looking to set up a grow light. I didn’t like how they look so I ended up getting a grow bulb instead and installed it into a more beautiful lamp. So far my snake plant has been doing good with this setup.

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