Where You Should Place a Snake Plant in a House

Snake plants have minimal care requirements so they aren’t sensitive to the environment as other houseplants. That said, it’s still important to find a place in the house where the snake plant will get its basic needs taken care of. Here are the key criteria to consider when you are finding a place in the house to position the snake plant.

Indirect Sunlight

Snake plants prefer to be placed in area of the house that receives at least eight to ten hours of ‘indirect’ sunlight. Note the emphasis on indirect. Snake plants that get too much exposure to direct sunlight may end up shriveling and suffer from issues like curling or drooping leaves. This should be a piece of cake for those who live in a house with south-facing windows while challenging for those who only have north-facing windows.

Consistent Room Temperature

In addition to sunlight, you need to also consider the surrounding temperature. Fluctuating temperature can cause stress in houseplants especially if the temperature gets too hot or too cold. We would, for example, avoid leaving your snake pant next to the central heating vent or windows and doors that have too much cold draft. Find a place where the room temperature is consistent.

Good Luck and Feng Shui

For those who want to go the extra mile and consider a placement that may bring “good luck” according to Feng Shui principles, we would suggest a number of locations such as the home office, bedroom, and entry hall. Feng shui experts may have varying opinions on this but some may say that it’s good to have a snake plant in the bedroom because it introduces a lot of wood energy, which is important for vitality and growth.


  • Benny:

    Is it ok if I move my snake plant to a windowless room if I have some kind of lamp inside as well?

  • Jake:

    I would like to move my snake plant next to my bed but have had bad experiences with gnats (from other plants). Might need to just keep it in the living room for now.

  • Outdoor:

    Anyone tried growing snake plants outdoors? Most of what I have read so far is about growing snake plant indoors.

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