How to Save a Snake Plant with Drooping Leaves

All is not lost with a snake plant that starts to develop drooping leaves. They are one of the most resilient houseplants out there. Here are the most common reasons for drooping leaves and solutions for fixing these issues.

Too Much Darkness

It’s something you can easily miss especially if you are out of home for most of the day but check that your snake plant is getting enough sunlight. Snake plant leaves can start to droop if they don’t get a certain amount of indirect sunlight throughout the day. This is more likely to happen during the latter half of the year when there are fewer daylight hours.

Not Enough Water

Snake plants are drought-tolerant but don’t make them work so hard by not watering the soil for a long period of time. Snake plants don’t require watering everyday but they do need watering once the soil starts to feel dry. Snake plant leaves can easily lose their rigid structure and start to droop if there isn’t enough moisture in the plant cells and tissues.

Excessive Rooting

Snake plant leaves can droop or start to curl inwards if the plant becomes rootbound. This essentially refers to a situation when a houseplant has grown too big for its container. This can happen if you have grown the snake plant in the same container for quite some time. To save your snake plant, you will either need to repot the plant in a bigger container or trim the roots until it can easily fit back into the same container as it was grown in before.

Identify these issues early enough and your snake plant should return back to its healthy state just as quickly. Snake plant care, fortunately, isn’t too difficult. You just need to keep watch every now and then and make sure it’s getting its basic needs met.


  • Dr Plant:

    I recently transplanted my snake plant and the leaves have started to droop since. Could the repotting have caused the leaves to droop? Everything else hasn’t changed.

  • Sad Leaf:

    Please help me revive my sad snake plant. All the leaves are drooping and I don’t know what to do.

  • Tall Plant:

    My snake plant has grown quite tall and naturally the leaves have started to droop. What should I do in this instance? Should I uproot the tall leaves and start them as new pups?

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