Best Way to Save Damaged or Broken Snake Plant Leaves

Snake plants are known for having stiff, sword-like leaves so it can be a bit of sad experience to see your snake plant leaves damaged or broken in half! Fortunately, all is not lost as snake plants are one of the most resilient houseplants on earth. Here is the one simple way to save snake plants with broken or damaged leaves.

Start Propagating New Snake Plants

Unfortunately, the broken or damaged leaves aren’t going to magically heal by themselves even if they are partially attached by the edges. The good news is that snake plants are one of the easiest houseplants to propagate. You can have new baby snake plants in a matter of weeks by simply cutting off the broken leaf near its base and placing it in a jar of water until you start seeing the roots grow.

Trimming a Damaged Snake Plant

Take care in only cutting the broken leaf. With the leaves tightly packed together, it can be easy to accidentally damage the healthy snake plant leaves in the process. Make sure to use a sharp knife, scissor, or shear to keep the cut as clean as possible at the base of the snake plant. Trim as close as can you to the soil layer to avoid leaving any visual traces of the damaged leaves.

Preventing Future Damage

In the process of propagating the broken snake leaves, it will also be important to understand the reason for the broken or damaged leaves. If it was a result of physical damage then it would just be a case of being careful around the snake plant. If it was for other reasons like the development of brown or yellow leaves then you may other underlying causes you will need to resolve to ensure more damaged leaves don’t develop in the near future.


  • Please tell me there is hope:

    My snake plant has very few leaves at the moment and the worst thing happened. Is there any possibility of a broken snake plant leaf healing itself????

  • Peter:

    Can I propagate the snake plant leaf if the snapped portion is near the middle of the leaf?

  • Broken Record:

    Will a broken snake plant leaf continue to grow if I don’t cut it from the base? My plan is to propagate the upper half of the broken leaf and leave the bottom half intact.

  • Annette:

    My snake plant was a gift for Mother’s day is year. So I have no idea why some of the leaf are broken. Will it be best for me to repot the plant to remove the broken ones? Some are short and some are not so short,will I be able to repot them

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