How to Deal with Snake Plants that Attract Bugs

Just like any other houseplant, snake plants can also attract bugs for a variety of reasons. These reasons don’t have much to do with the plant itself. Rather, it has to do with how you care for the snake plant and the type of soil you use. Here are the most common reasons why snake plants can attract annoying bugs to your home.

Damp Soil with Excess Moisture

Common household bugs like gnats love damp conditions. Naturally, the snake plant container offers a perfect place for the insects to get the moisture they need, especially after you water the plant container. Overwatering doesn’t just cause problems for the plant itself. It also increases the likelihood of the snake plant attracting unwanted bugs.

Poor Quality Soil

Bugs can also appear from the snake plant container if you use poor-quality potting mix. Just read the online customer reviews of poorly-rated soil mixes. You will see a lot of complaints about infested soil. This is a part of indoor gardening where you don’t want to be cheap. Make sure you are only using high-quality soil if you don’t want the snake plant to become a magnet for pesky bugs and other annoying pests.

Poor Soil Ventilation

The high-quality soil you purchase for the snake plant should also drain well. Aerated soil increases the likelihood of growing a healthy snake plant. Poor soil ventilation can result in fungal and bacterial growth, which can lead to root rot and, in turn, attract unwanted bugs to the soil. In addition to gnats, other common household insects you may need to deal with include aphids, spider mites, and whiteflies.

How to Get Rid of Bugs from Snake Plants

Prevention is the most important step and this can be achieved by re-potting the snake plant in high-quality soil if you were using infested soil before and making sure you follow an appropriate plant watering schedule that doesn’t result in excess moisture. For existing bugs and pests, there are additional homemade traps you can create (like apple cider vinegar traps) to get rid of the bugs without resorting to chemical pesticide products.


  • Bridget:

    What bugs am I dealing with? I have a lot of tiny black flying insects around my snake plant and at my wit’s end as to how to get rid of them.

  • Garden Pro:

    Sounds like fungus gnats to me. You might want to check the soil. Is it really damp and compacted?

  • Jenny Plain:

    I have a bunch of moving white spots around the base of the sanke plant. It looks like mealybugs. Any suggestions on how to get rid of them without using any pesticide products??

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