Small Black Bugs on Dog But Not Fleas?

Flea and Tick

Several small bugs can infect dogs and look similar to fleas but act differently and cause different symptoms. It’s important to learn to identify these bugs to find the best way of dealing with them.

First, learning to identify what a flea is can help to distinguish what isn’t a flea. Fleas are tiny elongated parasites, wingless, and are brown. They hang on pets’ fur and feed on their blood, causing several diseases.

Ticks are similar to fleas in many aspects, as they also are blood-sucking parasites that can cause several diseases. Though unlike fleas, they are arachnids, meaning they have eight legs total. They have a similar color to fleas, though they can be easily identifiable by the number of legs and their oval body shape.

Dog lice are rare and hard to spot, as they are even smaller than fleas, making it hard to distinguish them with the naked eye. They also feed on blood and can cause severe itching.

Several types of parasitic mosquitoes will look for an opportunity to feed both on humans and pets, so many can get attracted to dogs too.