Safe Ways to Get a Skunk Out of a Live Trap


Skunks are known for the foul odor they left behind after spraying a victim, which is challenging to scrub off. The spray affects humans and pets equally, so be careful with your pets approaching the caged skunk.

Before even setting the trap, it’s essential to know your local laws and the spots available for releasing the animal prior to capturing it. After you know where to release it, set the trap and wait.

After the skunk is trapped, use a large tarp to shield yourself when approaching it to cover the entire cage. Remember that you have to approach it very slowly, though not sneakily, as it will spray you when startled. Instead, try talking or singing in a low and calming voice to announce your presence.

If the animal raises its tail, stomps its feet, or turns its back to you, immediately stop or move away from it, as its warning it is ready to spray you. After that, move it to the new spot and open the cage while it’s still mostly covered and move away from it before it leaves.