Where do Silverfish Bugs Come From?


Silverfish are creepy looking tiny insects that can find their way inside our houses by crawling through gaps in the door or windows and can even be brought inside unknowingly when buying infested food or via packaging. They love dark and humid places, so naturally, they quickly find their way into the bathrooms, basements, and attics and hang around there.

The name Silverfish comes from their appearance, as they have a silver coating over their body. They are small, long, have six legs, two antennae, and three tails. They are wingless and cannot jump but are very quick.

These little bugs cause no harm to humans or pets, but they are definitely a nuisance and should be avoided or eliminated as soon as possible, as they can quickly reproduce and cause an infestation if left unchecked. They can damage clothing and books, as they love eating them.

They are hard to detect, as they tend to hide from humans and only crawl around at night. But should you find one, it’s a sign your house might be attractive for them, and you should try checking around your home and look through your books and clothing. Avoiding any damp areas and objects helps to prevent them.