Common Signs of Snakes in the House


Snakes love living away from humans. Sometimes, they gain access to human territories as they chase food or look for shelter. Snakes benefit us by eating insects, slugs, mice, grubs, and various pests. However, unless you keep a snake as a pet, their sight is scary. If you have spotted a snake in your house, you are probably wondering if there are more. There are a few signs to look out for that speak to the presence of a snake.

Skin shedding is common in snakes. It is the first and easiest sign that there is at least one snake around. You may also hear some subtle noises from unexpected places like the flooring area. Snakes seek dark, small, compact and humid regions to lay eggs or hide. When you hear noises in the attic, cellar, bathroom, or floor, call in your local animal control experts and have them take a look around.

If you have rodents such as mice and rats in the house suddenly disappearing, investigate the cause. It could be a snake preying on them. If there is a high rate of disappearance, you might have more than one snake in the house. Droppings are also a sign of possible infestation. Snake droppings look like bird droppings. If there are no birds in your house, you have only one suspect left.