Common Signs of Moles in Your Yard and Garden


Moles are rodents that live underground and usually live and hunt by themselves, as they are solitary creatures. Contrary to what many believe, moles don’t eat plants or roots, but they enjoy eating the insects such things attract. What really damages your grass and lawn are their underground holes, where they will dig through roots. They are hard to spot, but there are several signs of their presence when they live around the area.

Moles live underground, and for that, they need to dig up tunnels, creating molehills, which is a clear sign of moles. They will also dig up to the outside, creating a small hole, another sign for them. Though if they are sneaky, you may still spot signs of them through dying plants and grass, as they’ll destroy their roots when digging.

No gardens or lawns are safe, as rodents eat bugs, and bugs are present in every garden and yard. Trying to control insects’ populations with other lesser predators might be a good idea, but it might just backfire and attract other problems instead. If you spot moles or their signs, call for specialists, they have the right tools and the proper knowledge to assist you.