Your Chances of Getting Sick from Mice and Rat Droppings

Mouse Sickness

Wild mice and rats are not known for being the cleanest of creatures. According to the CDC, there are several diseases that can be transmitted from rodents, including the Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, and the rat-bite fever. So how likely is it to get sick from mouse or rat droppings?

Well, according to UC Davis Health in 2017, the chances of catching a disease like the Hantavirus is very rare. That said, you should be extremely careful with handling wild rodents and their excrements. You should leave it to the professionals unless you know what you are doing.

Any food or beverages that have been left out in the open should be disposed of in case they have been contaminated with rodent droppings. If you do plan to clear away the mice or rat droppings by yourself, please be sure to wear the appropriate safety gears. It is believed that humans could get sick with a virus such as the Hantavirus by breathing in contaminated dust from mice droppings.

As far as eliminating the house mice, we would suggest staying away from using rodent poison. This increases the risks of having dead rodents in spaces that are very difficult to reach. The last thing you would want is for dead rodent smell to also spread throughout the house.