Safe Ways to Get Rid of Millipedes Indoors


Millipedes are long segmented insects with several legs. They are worm-like and have two pairs of legs for each body segment. These millipedes love organic plant matter and damp areas, so lawns and gardens are the perfect living space for them.

While they are harmless to humans and pets, they can be quite a nuisance when found indoors, especially in large numbers. Millipedes rarely want to be indoors, as they thrive in the soil, eating organic plant matter found on the ground in damp areas.

Though when the soil dries out, or there is heavy rain, they’ll move to another spot to look for shelter and other food sources. They’ll most of the time move out again after it the rain stops or unsuccessfully looking for food.

To get rid of millipedes inside your home, you can wait it out as they’ll leave after a while in search of food, or they’ll starve in a couple of days. Vacuuming them is also a safe and quick option for disposal.

To prevent them, seal up cracks and gaps from doors and windows that can lead inside the house and do a thorough lawn cleaning.