Do Roach Baits Attract More Cockroaches?


Roach baits do not attract other roaches from outside. Baits are placed in spots where roaches are already nested and will often go looking for food.

Roaches are pests that can quickly spread and are very hard to kill. There are several solutions to dispose of them, and using baits is one of the most effective, as it kills them slowly, allowing time for them to spread the poisoned bait to other roaches. Though it’s a slow killer, it’s the best way to dispose of an infestation of several, but it might not be the best way to deal with the problem if you only have a couple around.

There are several types of roach baits, and some can be used along with a bait station, which allows more control over the environment around it.

If you spot a roach or live in an area where roaches are a common sight, baits can definitely help in the long term and won’t attract more, though it might give that impression initially as you’re providing them a reliable food source.