Raised Garden Beds

Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden beds aren’t all that different from container gardening systems. A raised garden bed makes the gardening experience a little easier because you have greater control over certain variables like soil conditions. Most raised garden beds come in the form of a box. These boxes don’t have a bottom. They simply act as frames so your plants will still have access to natural ground soil.

Raised Garden Beds Benefits

There are several benefits that come with raised garden beds. For example, gardening will become a less stressful experience because you won’t have to bend over as much in order to work on your plants. Raised garden beds come in different shapes and sizes. The higher the box, the easier it becomes to maintain the plants. You’ll also be utilizing soil rich in nutrients and minerals. Hence, your plants will have a better chance of growing to its fullest. Last but not least, raised garden beds drain much more effectively so you won’t have to worry about any flooding issues during rainy season.

Raised Garden Beds Limitations

Obviously, one limitation of raised garden beds is the additional investment costs. You won’t just be purchasing the structure. You’ll also need to invest in soil and compost. Over time, these costs can add up. You may need to swap the soil every few years, unless you have a good composting system in place. Last but not least, plant roots can dry up much more quickly if the soil isn’t hydrated on a regular basis.

Raised Garden Beds Equipment & Tools

There are two basic needs for raised garden beds: the frame structure and the soil. The frame structures come in all shapes and sizes. You can even get ones that are as high as a garden shed. Your choice of soil will also be very important. Ideally, you want to use organic soil that contains a high level of important minerals. Make sure you have a designated space for raised beds in your garden before you make any final decisions over your gardening style.

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