Best Garden Pruning Shears for People with Smaller Hands

These garden pruning shears work well for people with small hands. Holding shears that are too large can be very cumbersome to use. Make sure you get one that fits your hand.

Best Garden Pruning Shears

Gonicc Pruning Shears
Gonicc pruning shears have ergonomically-designed handles that are lightweight and comfortable to use, even for people with smaller hands.

Gonicc Shear

The Positives
The blade is very sharp and smooth. Can easily cut through thick rose stems.
The Negatives
The spring in the middle of the pruning shear may pop out from time to time.

Mockins Pruning Shears
This garden pruning shear comes with a safety lock and an ergonomic rubber handle.

Mockins Pruning Shear

The Positives
Very strong. Can cut through thick bushes with minimal resistance.
The Negatives
Works best for casual pruning. May not work as well for people who do garden pruning on a regular basis.

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