Best Portable Greenhouse Kits for Winter

Portable Greenhouse Kits

Do you live in an area that gets unpredictable weather at certain times of the year, such as during the winter? Fortunately, setting up portable greenhouses is one way to extend to your gardening season even if you are expecting to face unfavorable growing conditions for an extended period of time.

Top Qualities of a Portable Greenhouse Kit

We can’t stress the importance of investing in a quality portable greenhouse. Cheap portable greenhouse kits will contribute to a number of issues both in the short-term and long-term. When you are shopping around for one of these gardening structures, we suggest you pay special attention to the frame construction, the ability to retain heat, and dimension.

Top Portable Greenhouse Recommendations

Now that you have an idea of what to look out for, we can dive into the recommendations of top portable greenhouse kits, especially for people who want to extend the planting season to winter.

Eagle Peak Walk-In Greenhouse

This portable greenhouse offers a floor space of 6 x 8 feet, which is more than enough space to accommodate a variety of medium to large-sized plants. We like this kit because it’s fairly easy to setup, even for gardeners who have to assemble it themselves. The greenhouse also utilizes sturdy steel frames so it will be able to handle a decent amount of weight should you decide to add some shelving to the portable greenhouse interior.

The fact that the frames are pre-assembled also means that you can easily take it down and store it in the shed during seasons when the portable greenhouse is no longer in use. This will help maintain the longevity of the kit as you wouldn’t necessarily want the cover to be exposed to the harsh summer sunlight every year.

Ohuhu Greenhouse

This portable greenhouse is best suited for growing a number of small to medium-sized plants. The six wired shelves offer enough space to cater for seedlings, small flowers, and herbs, while the floor space underneath can handle a few medium-sized plants.

One particular aspect of this gardening structure we like is the air circulation feature. The inside of a portable greenhouse can get pretty stuffy so the two Velcro side-windows allow you to easily air out the inside without having to open the main zipper door.

Quictent Mini Greenhouse

This mini portable greenhouse is a great addition for gardeners who want to protect a few small to medium-sized plants. It’s also easy to install. You just need to bury the sides of the frame with soil to keep the inside steady and maintain the structure in a steady position.

The one downside is that the cover of this tent may not handle harsh direct sunlight too well. The cover may deteriorate quickly and holes may start to form unless it gets some shade against the harsh UV light.

Gardman 4-Tier Greenhouse

This is a great portable greenhouse for people who lack floor or yard space. It has four shelves where you can place a variety of small plants including succulents, seedlings, and young plants. You can also construct the structure without any handyman tools.

For extra security, we suggest you zip-tie the shelves of the frame to whatever wall or object the portable greenhouse is leaning against. The structure may easily topple over due to its tall, narrow shape so make sure you pay special attention to where you place the greenhouse.

Common Questions About Portable Greenhouse

Here are some frequently-asked questions that people have when it comes to purchasing and using portable greenhouse kits at home.

Do Greenhouses Work in Winter?

Yes, most greenhouses work in in winter and provide the plants the necessary protection against the cold (and the wind). The walls of the greenhouse are usually made of some form of plastic material, which allows the warm light to enter the structure. You may, however, need to consider additional heating options at night if the temperatures gets too low.

Are Portable Greenhouses Any Good?

Yes, but make sure you don’t go cheap with these gardening structures. Portable greenhouses are good if they are constructed with sturdy materials, and if they offer the ability to retain some of the heat captured throughout the day.

Aside from temperature control, portable greenhouses may also offer protection against common garden pests such as carpet beetles and aphids.

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