Best Portable Bed Bug Heaters and Heating Chambers

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Bed bug heaters and heating chambers are definitely options to use if you want to eliminate bed bugs from your home. Not only is this a great option because it’s free of chemicals and toxins, but it also will help kill off various stages of the bed bugs. Here are a couple of the best heater choices as well as information on how successful this type of bed bug treatment is for eliminating the issue altogether.

Our Top Bed Bug Heater Choices

If you are trying to find a bed bug heater to help kill off bed bugs, then you know that several different options exist in the marketplace. We know how hard it can be to find the best bed bug heater to successfully eliminate the bed bugs from your home. Here are a couple of the best options that will indeed kill off the bed bugs quickly regardless of the type of situation you are dealing with.

ZappBug Heater

ZappBug Heater is one of the best options out there if you are in need of a bug bed heater and heating chamber. This product will kill all bed bugs in various life stages, and it will even kill the eggs. The eggs are the hardest to kill but this ZappBug Heater has the power to do it, plus it kills the nymphs and adults too.

One thing we love about this product is how easy it is to use, since you just have to set it up and load it with the items. Pressing the “on” button will begin the process and there’s no toxic chemicals at all. This product only uses heat so you don’t have to worry about chemicals or pesticides causing issues for your children or pets. It also can fold flat for storage so that when you are done using it, just put it away and keep it around in case you need it later on.

A couple of cons are found with this product, including that it can take a very long time to heat up to the needed temperature. This could cause your electric bill to be extremely high for a period of time so be aware of that. Other people have had issues with the heater dying after several hours of use, which could happen if you are trying to use this heater for a bigger area.

Dr Infrared Heater

Dr. Infrared Heater is also found to be one of the highest-quality bed bug heaters out on the market today. This particular heater can reach up to 155 degrees within minutes. Dr. Infrared Heater features two steel racks that can fit numerous items on it for the heat treatment. The tent is collapsible and is also portable, which allows you to move to different areas of your home.

One benefit is that it’s collapsible, which means you can easily and quickly store it anywhere in your home after you are done using it. There is also a timer and thermometer on this item that also features an alarm. It also is a larger capacity so that you will be able to treat bigger items than with other similar products.

There are some negatives to this product you should be aware of, including that it can heat up very fast and potentially cause your breaker to trip. Other issues people have with this product is that it the central zipper is prone to breaking, especially if you use this product often. You want to use this product mostly for light to moderate use or else it has a tendency to simply stop working.

Do Bed Bug Heaters Really Work?

Bed bug heaters do actually work, as long as you follow all of the preparation requirements before starting this type of treatment. You have to ensure that every single area in your home is above 118 degrees, including crevices and cracks. There are a couple of different ways you can go about the heat treatment as well.

You can pay to have professionals bring in very large electric heaters into your home that need to get above 135 degrees. You also can use a propane heater outside of your home and have it feeding into your home through the ductwork. If you need just a local area heat treated, then steam-heat can be used for these smaller areas.

Can You Put Bed-Bug Infested Electronics Inside the Heater?

It might be okay, but we don’t recommend putting any bug-bed infested electronics inside of the heater itself. We say this because of the temperature generated by the heater, but you contact the product manufacturer for confirmation on this.

Can You Put Books Inside the Heater?

It’s usually not a good idea to put books inside the heater because there are many concerns around books with plastic covers as well as hard bound books. You can contact the product manufacturer for confirmation and clarification about putting any books inside of the heater.

How Long Does Each Bed Bug Treatment Last?

As far as how long the treatment will last, it depends more on what you put and the amount you put on each product. You will need to refer to the product pages for more information about how long you can expect the treatment to last since it varies so much and there’s no set time frame.

What are the Pros & Cons of Using a Bed Bug Heater?

There are several benefits of using a bed bug heater with the biggest benefit being it’s completely chemical and toxin-free. You don’t have to discard your belongings afterward since it’s just heat. You are also able to kill all of the stages of the bed bugs, including the pesky eggs. You will also notice the elimination of bed bugs within 24 hours, this is due to the heat treatment penetrating all kinds of materials.

Heat treatment does have some negatives to it though, including that it’s the most expensive out of all of the treatment options available. If the preparations are not done the right way, there’s a chance that the heat treatment might not work. Beyond these two issues, there are no other real downsides to using heat treatment to eliminate bed bugs.

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