How Long Does Poison Ivy Last on Clothes?

Poison Ivy

The itchiness and rashes caused by poison ivy come from the plant’s oils, covering skin and clothing. When not properly taken care of, this oil will linger for a very long time with its toxin, so certain measures are required to wash it away.

It’s important to handle the clothing with gloves to avoid any direct contact with the toxins and causing further problems. Put any clothing that might have had contact with poison ivy separated from others to prevent further spread.

After you have your gloves on, put the clothing on a washing machine by themselves and set it up with detergent. If your washing machine has the option, set the water temperature to hot, as high temperatures are very effective against it. Repeat the process at least once to ensure a thorough cleaning.

Avoid drying it on driers, as this can spread any remaining particles of it and require a third wash. Instead, hang them in the open air and let them naturally dry.