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Snake plants are one of the most popular choices of houseplants due to their resilience and the fact that they have air-purifying characteristics. We recommend snake plants for people who don’t have the best record of keeping plants alive.

Common Questions About Snake Plants

How Much Light do Snake Plants Need?

The ideal sunlight condition for snake plants is partial and indirect light conditions. In some cases, spider plants may also handle shaded conditions relatively well.

Do Snake Plants Attract Snakes?

Snake plants got their name not because they attract snakes, but because of the shape of their leaves. Snake plants have long, sharp leaves that stand straight into the air. Over time, some of these leaves can start to grow pretty tall and eventually resemble the shape of a green snake.

Are Snake Plants Dangerous?

Yes, snake plants contain substances (specifically saponins) that are considered toxic, especially to pets, so they should never be grown in households with dogs, cats, and other pets. Dogs or cats that accidentally ingest parts of a snake plant may start to display symptoms like nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting.

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