50+ Household Plants & Flowers that are Poisonous to Cats


Do not grow the following list of plants if you are a cat owner. These plants will contain irritants that may cause your cats to display symptoms like vomiting and breathing difficulties. Some of these plants may also be fatal to your feline companion.

Alocasia or Elephant Ear Plants: may cause oral irritation and excessive drooling

Aloe: may cause vomiting and diarrhea

Arrowhead Vine: may cause oral irritation and swallowing difficulties

Corn Plant: may cause vomiting and hypersalivation

Dracaena: may cause vomiting and anorexia

Dumb Cane: may cause excessive drooling and mouth irritation

Jade Plant: may cause incoordination and depression

Mint: may cause diarrhea with large ingestions

Parsley: may cause dermatitis

Ribbon Plant: may cause dilated pupils and vomiting

Outdoor Plants that can Make Cats Sick

American Bittersweet: may cause diarrhea and weakness

American Holly: may cause vomiting and depression

Angelica Tree: may cause skin irritation

Apple (seeds): may cause dilated pupils and breathing difficulties

Apricot (seeds): may cause panting and shock

Buckeye: may cause convulsions and diarrhea

Bishop Weed: may cause sunburns and swelling

Cardboard Palm: may cause dark stools and liver failure

Chinaberry Tree: may cause vomiting and seizures

Cherry: may cause breathing difficulties

Castor Bean Plant: may cause convulsions and excessive thirst

Hosta: may cause vomiting

Leeks: may cause high heart rate and panting

Mayapples: may cause panting and skin ulcers

Orange: may cause vomiting and diarrhea

Oregano: may cause mild vomiting

Sorrel: may cause gastrointestinal upsets

Yew: may cause muscular tremors

Flowering Plants that are Toxic to Cats

Amaryllis: may cause vomiting and abdominal pain

Autumn Crocus: may cause bloody vomiting

Azalea: may cause cardiac failure

Bird of Paradise: may cause oral irritation

Bitterroot: may cause diarrhea and slow heart rate

Bog Laurel: may cause vomiting and weakness

Borage or Starflower: may cause dermatitis

Buttercup: may cause depression

Buckwheat: may cause sunburns

Caladium: may cause oral irritations

Cape Jasmine: may cause mild vomiting

Cardinal Flower: may cause depression and excessive salivation

Chamomile: may cause allergic reactions

Chives: may cause hemolytic anemia

Chrysanthemum: may cause incoordination and vomiting

Dahlia: may cause mild dermatitis

Daffodil: may cause low blood pressure

Fleabane: may cause mild dermatitis

Foxglove: may cause weakness and cardiac failure

Gardenia: may cause mild vomiting

Hellebore: may cause drooling and depression

Hortensia: may cause vomiting and depression

Hydrangea: may cause diarrhea

Japanese Andromeda: may cause vomiting

Lavender: may cause nausea

Lilies: may cause kidney failure

Peony: may cause depression

Primrose: may cause mild vomiting

Please note that there are many other plants missing from the above list that can also make your cat sick. Visit the ASPCA website for the full list.

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