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Peace lilies are beautiful perennials that come with lush green leaves and white “petals” (which are actually specialized leaves). This ornamental plant will fit in well with any home and office decor. It’s also great fit for people who have no idea how to take care of a plant because of its high tolerance.

Selecting a Peace Lily

There are actually over 40 varieties of peace lilies available in a variety of sizes. Those looking for a small houseplant that can be placed on tables and stands should look for varieties such as Power Petite and Wallisii. Both of these peace lily varieties grow up to about 15 inches tall.

If you are looking for something on the larger-end of the spectrum then look into varieties like the ‘sensation’ peace lily and ‘domino’ peace lily. These striking plants can grow several feet tall and may have large, green leaves that grow several inches long. These are the perfect houseplants to have if you are looking for something that can make a visual statement.

Most Popular Peace Lily Varieties

Domino Peace Lily

Domino Peace Lily

This show-stopping peace lily comes with large, lush leaves and will display multiple white flowers during blooming season. The surface of the leaves will eventually display splashes of white, which gives this houseplant even more character.

Jetty Peace Lily

Jetty Peace Lily

This variety of peace lily is known for blooming flowers that give off a very luxurious appearance. It also makes a great ornament because of its deep green leaves. We recommend this for apartment-living tenants as it grows well even in partial shade conditions.

‘Mauna Loa’ Peace Lily

Mauna Loa Peace Lily

The petals of this plant will remind you of the flowers used to create the beautiful leis in Hawaii. This specific variety features long, elliptical leaves and stems that can grow up to 20 inches tall.

‘Sensation’ Peace Lily

Sensation Peace Lily

These varieties are called the ‘sensation’ for good reasons. The large, ribbed leaves of this plant are absolutely breathtaking, and the white flowers also come with a beautiful yellow spadix. We recommend growing this large-sized variety in bright conditions without direct sunlight.

Peace Lily Care Tips

We have compiled an excellent list of tips shared by our readers on caring for peace lilies. Peace lilies actually don’t require too much help to survive given their resilience but knowing the following definitely wouldn’t hurt.

1. Peace lilies like consistent moisture in the soil but it shouldn’t be to the point where you see standing water. You only need to water the plant when you sense the soil is about to start drying out.

2. Since these houseplants don’t do well in direct sunlight conditions, we suggest placing them next to north or west-facing windowsills. You will know if the peace lily is getting too much sunlight if the leaves start to turn yellow.

3. Like any other houseplant, peace lilies are also prone to being infested by a number of household pests. Common invaders include spider mites, mealybugs, and scales. checking and cleaning the leaves on a regular basis will prevent pest infestations from occurring.

4. Make sure the peace lilies aren’t placed next to drafty doors and windows. These plants thrive in temperatures ranging between 65 and 85 Fahrenheit. They also prefer humid environments so it may help to mist the plant every now and then if the room gets too dry.

5. Please make sure the peace lilies aren’t in the reach of young children and pets. Certain parts of the plant could contain chemicals that are harmful to them, especially if they are accidentally ingested.

Common Questions About Peace Lilies

Do Peace Lilies Need Direct Sunlight?

Peace lilies should not be placed in direct sunlight as that could scorch the leaves and cause a condition called sunburn. Peace lilies make popular houseplants because they actually thrive in low to moderate light conditions. Peace lilies affected by sunburn will suffer from symptoms such as dead spots on leaves.

How Long Do Peace Lilies Live?

Under the right conditions, peace lilies can survive many years. On average, they are known to live anywhere between three to five years. Some might live even longer but it's hard to say since there are so many different factors involved in the longevity of a plant. Do note that peace lilies don't live longer just because you give it more fertilizer. Over-fertilization can actually do more harm than good.

Where Should I Place Lilies in the House?

Since they do better in low to moderate light conditions, we suggest growing peace lilies in rooms with north or west-facing windows. These rooms typically don't get much direct sunlight throughout the day. These plants also grow best at room temperature that's consistent between 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. We suggest not placing these plants in rooms with drafty windows, especially if you live in a region with cold weather.