Best Indoor Plants for the Office Desk & Cubicles

Office Plants

Office desks and cubicles are often dull in design and limited in space so they don't always feel like a great place to do your work in all day. Fortunately, something as simple as placing a few indoor plants around the desk can make a huge difference to your office like. Here is a list of cubicle-friendly plants we recommend for office workers.

Plant Name Sunlight Requirement Space Needed Edible Safe for Pets Watering Frequency

Chinese Evergreens

In their native environment, Chinese Evergreens are foliage plants that occupy the dim floor of forests so they will be fine in office spaces that don’t get a lot of direct sunlight. In addition to tolerating low-light conditions, they are also easy to care for, which makes them a great office plant candidate. Popular varieties include Calypso, Cecilia, and Queen Juliana.

African Violets

If you want to add some color to your plain office desk then consider a flowering plant such as the African Violet. It’s a small-sized plant that will make any office space a pleasant working environment. The African Violet, however, will require some indirect light to bloom beautiful flowers so you may need to get a small grow light if you are in a windowless office.

Lucky Bamboos

It doesn’t get more simple than the lucky bamboo. This indoor plant is typically given as a gift of good fortune so your office colleagues will be sure to appreciate it if you gift them a lucky bamboo for their desk space. Lucky bamboos can be grown in a vase filled with small pebbles and water, which reduces the risk of pests which low-quality potted soil can attract.

Golden Pothos

Also known as the Devil’s Ivy, this indoor plant sets the golden standard in terms of its tolerance. It’s almost impossible to kill because it can withstand infrequent watering and low-light conditions. This is a great plant to have on your office desk if you aren’t always working in your cubicle. A pot with a depth of 10 inches will work fine for these plants.


Succulents make great office desk plants because they come in all sorts of interesting shapes and colors. You can mix and match various succulents on your office desk since they are fairly compact in size. Popular varieties of succulents for office desks include the Bird’s Nest, Dwarf Jade Plant, Topsy Turvy, and Zebra Cactus.

Common Questions About Office Desk Plants

Here are some common questions people have about caring for indoor plants in office environments.

What Plants Do Well in Office Lighting?

Many office desk and cubicle spaces don’t get enough natural sunlight, or you may be unlucky enough to be designated a spot that’s far away from the windows. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t have indoor plants on your office desk. Plants can still tolerate windowless office spaces as long as the artificial lighting is offering the optimal wavelengths. Look for indoor plants that can tolerate shaded conditions such as air plants.

Are LED Lights Good for Office Plants?

LED bulbs work fine for indoor office plants as long as they offer the right types of wavelength. What’s most important is for the LED bulb to offer a mix of blue and wavelength light. Blue wavelength lights help with foliage growth while red wavelength lights help with flowering. A small LED grow light can do wonders for indoor plants in windowless office spaces.

Can a Succulent Live in an Office Space?

Succulents are popular choices among office workers due to their compact size and ease of care. A lot of succulent varieties, however, do require adequate lighting so if your office desk doesn’t get a lot of sunlight then you may need to either confirm that the office lighting is providing enough light for the succulents, or move the succulents next to the window every once in a while so they get enough sunlight to photosynthesize.