Best Large Indoor Plants for Big Pots and Planter Containers

Large plants

Do you have some empty pots and containers lying around at home that will make the perfect homes for large houseplants? Here is a list of indoor plants that will make a great addition for large pots and planters.

Plant Name Sunlight Requirement Space Needed Edible Safe for Pets Watering Frequency


The philodendron family includes many varieties of large plants that leave a positive impression on all kinds of indoor spaces. They are relatively easy to care for and also come with natural air purifying abilities. Popular varieties include the Heartleaf Philodendron, Red Leaf Philodendron, Elephant Ear Philodendron, and Congo Rojo Philodendron.

Dumb Cane Plants

Also known as dieffenbachia, dumb cane plants can grow up to five feet tall when they mature. These medium to large-sized houseplants make great ornamentals due to their large milky leaves. They do, however, require special care because the sap from the plant acts as a mild irritant. Always wear safety gloves when you are handling a dumb cane plant.


If your home gets a lot of direct sunlight then it’s possible to grow your very own sunflowers in indoor spaces. In addition to full sun conditions, sunflowers require large, individual containers with proper drainage holes. In optimal conditions, a typical sunflower can grow anywhere between five to ten feet in height.

Mango Trees

Did you know that there are dwarf varieties of mango trees that can be grown indoors? Don’t, however, be fooled by its dwarf labeling. One of the smallest mango trees you can grow indoors is the King Thai Mango, which can still grow up to four meters tall and 3 meters wide. They are rewarding houseplants that will require large pots to survive.

Lady Palms

Lady palms are excellent houseplants that require a large pot or planter. They are great choices for homes that don’t get a lot of direct sunlight since they can tolerate some shade. In optimal conditions, they can grow up to 12 inches in height per year! An indoor lady palm, however, isn’t likely to grow that fast though.

Common Questions About Large Houseplants

Here are some common questions that people ask about growing large houseplants in indoor spaces.

How Do You Grow Large Indoor Plants?

Certain types of large houseplants may require more care and maintenance to make sure they don’t go out of control. For example, you may need to trim the plant leaves every once in a while. You may also need to pay close attention to the watering frequency as the pot will contain a larger volume of soil that needs to be kept at a specific moisture level. Over-watering may lead to the introduction of mold and common plant pests like fungus gnats so it’s important to avoid such situations.

Where Should I Put Large Plants in My House?

This will be entirely dependent on the type of houseplant you grow at home. For example, tall indoor plants that need plenty of sun can be placed in the corner of room that has a south-facing window. Large houseplants that can tolerate shade can be placed next to the door so they can leave a positive impression on people who visit your home.

How Much Are Large Houseplants?

A houseplant that is larger doesn’t necessarily mean it will be more expensive. There are many other factors considered in a houseplant’s price, including its popularity, rarity, and secondary supplements. A quick search online will show that the price of large indoor plants can range anywhere from as low as $25 to as high as $150. Don’t just look at the price, however, when you are selecting a large houseplant. It’s important to consider other factors like sunlight and watering requirements in order for the large plant to live and thrive as long as possible.