Which Household Plants Will Eat Fruit Flies?


Fruit flies can be quite a nuisance pest, even if they can’t directly harm us. Although several home remedies and traps are readily available to deal with them, there is no way more natural to dispose of them than using nature itself.

Carnivorous plants are an excellent way to deal with fruit flies and many other insects and mosquitoes. They usually have a way to bait them into their grasp before digesting the insects, which can vary from species to species.

The most famous carnivore plant is the Venus flytrap, though it might be one of the most inefficient ones to deal with fruit flies. The Venus flytrap has wide gaps in and a weak and slow grasp, allowing plenty of time for flies to escape.

The best carnivore plant for dealing with fruit flies is probably the sundew. They work similarly to a sticky fly trap, as they have several droplets that will serve as bait, attract the fruit flies into it, and get them stuck to the plant.