Best Indoor Plants for the Bathroom

Bathroom Plants

For many people, the bathroom serves as one of the least ideal places to grow indoor plants due to the lack of light and ventilation. Certain houseplants also do better in low-humidity environments, which is the opposite of what bathrooms tend to be. Fortunately, there are still plenty of indoor plants that will do well in bathrooms.

Plant Name Sunlight Requirement Space Needed Edible Safe for Pets Watering Frequency

Aloe Vera Plants

Aloe veras are one of the easiest houseplants to grow especially in bathrooms. They have a good tolerance for the varying room temperature that accompanies most bathroom spaces. You can also harvest the leaves once the plant matures. The juce from the leaves can be used for medicinal purposes, such as relieving the pain from minor sunburns.


Begonias are good container plants that will enjoy the high humidity of bathrooms. They make great additions due to their colorful and ornamental leaves. They can handle low-light conditions but may benefit from getting indirect sunlight every once in a while, meaning if they are going to be used for windowless bathrooms then you should temporarily move the plant to a room that receives some indirect sunlight every once in a while.


Bromeliads are unusual because they have the ability to flower in places where most houseplants may not be able to blossom. They are a good indoor plant candidate for the bathroom if you want to add some vibrance and color. Popular varieties of indoor Bromeliads include Aechmea, Guzmania, and Vriesea.

Cast-Iron Plants

If you have a spacious bathroom the consider getting a cast-iron plant, which can grow up to two feet tall and three feet wide. One of the reasons it’s called the cast-iron plant is due to steadfast ability to tolerate many different conditions. The cast-iron plant is also low-maintenance. You only need to water the soil once the upper-half starts to dry out.


The vibrant, glossy leaves of a croton plant will brighten up any dull bathroom space. The optimal humidity level of crotons is around 70 percent, which makes this indoor plant a perfect fit for bathrooms that are used regularly.

Common Questions About Bathroom Plants

Here are some common questions people have about caring for houseplants in bathrooms.

Is it Good to Keep Plants in the Bathroom?

Yes, houseplants can make bathrooms a more pleasant place by improving the overall decor and atmosphere. Some houseplants also have air-purifying properties, meaning they can naturally filter out pollutants in the air. The fact that water is close at hand also makes it a lot easier for you to care for bathroom plants.

Are Succulents Good for the Bathroom?

Yes, there are a variety of succulents that will do fine in the bathroom. Go for ‘tropical’ succulents such as air plants, pothos, and ferns. As tropical plants, they can handle the high humidity and low-light conditions of most bathrooms. If your bathroom happens to get some natural sunlight then you could consider plants such as the calathea or dracaena marginata.

What Plants do Well in a Bathroom Without Windows?

Yes, there are several houseplants that can tolerate the conditions of a windowless bathroom. It doesn’t matter whether its artificial or natural sunlight. What’s important is for houseplants to be exposed to light of the right wavelength, meaning the bathroom lights could be enough for some plants to survive. Indoor plants worth considering include the snake plant, spider plant, and ZZ plant. It may help, however, to temporarily move these plants next to the window once in a while.