Difference Between Phorid Flies and Fruit Flies

House Flies

While both flies are pests and nuisances, they can carry diseases and will breed at an alarming rate when left unchecked. Spotting them early and properly dealing with their food sources and nesting grounds can save a lot of time and prevent headaches in the future.

When dealing with flies and trying to get rid of them, the first step is identification. Even if they seem similar at a glance, these flies can be pretty distinguishable upon a closer look.

Phorid flies – These flies lack the fur on their body that fruit flies have. They also have a distinct body shape that makes them look humped.

Fruit flies – They are covered in thin fur and have distinct big red eyes, unlike phorids.

They also have distinct breeding patterns and food habits, making prevention and elimination different for each of them while also being ineffective against the other. Fruit flies prefer decaying organic matter such as fruits, while phorid flies prefer decaying meat or carcasses. Meaning that fruit flies will hang around our kitchen or trash bins, while phorids will prefer drains and sewers for dead mice or leftover meat.