Magnetic Dog & Cat Screen Doors that Keep Pests Out

Pet Screen Doors

Do you want to let your cat or dog out to the yard as he pleases without you having to open the backdoor? The simplest solution to this would be to set up a magnetic pet screen door, which also offers the benefit of preventing pests from coming indoors.

Top Pet Screen Door Recommendations

We recommend the following magnetic pet screen doors based on their durability and ease-of-use. Make sure you get the proper measurements before you make a purchase.

MAGZO Magnetic Screen Door

The MAGZO magnetic screen door comes in many different dimensions so you are sure to find a size that will be a good fit for your door. The pet screen utilizes a special hook and loop design that introduces a firm wind resistance level. You won’t have to worry about the magnet screen getting blown open by the wind (unless you are dealing with a storm of course).

Any dog will be able to glide through the magnet screen door without too many issues. One downside, however, might be the Velcro adhesive which some people have found to be a little on the weak side. It may help to use a duct tape or a safety pin for extra reinforcement.

IKSTAR EVA Magnetic Door

The IKSTAR magnetic door comes with the usual features such as offering hands-free entry, protection against bugs through a magnetic closure, and easy installation. Another great feature on top of this however is the EVA material curtain which will form a layer of insulation against the hot or cold weather.

We would recommend this pet screen door for those who live in areas with slightly hotter or cooler temperatures. Others have also mentioned that this pet screen door also worked well for sliding patio doors. It’s versatile and won’t typically take more than fifteen minutes to install.

Flux Phenom Reinforced Magnetic Screen Door

This pet screen door utilizes metal black thumbtacks and hooks to keep the pet screen door in position. The middle seam is lined with magnetic strips that allow the door to easily lock and unlock. Any dog or cat will go through the magnetic curtain with ease.

For pet owners, products like this serve a great practical alternative to other options like sliding doors. One flaw that some people, however, have experienced is the weak magnets. This may cause the screen to flutter slightly when there is moderate to strong wind.

Top Qualities of a Magnetic Pet Screen Door

Pet screen doors actually come in several shapes and sizes. Some are embedded to the door, while others come in the form of a magnetic material. When shopping around for a pet screen door, the qualities we suggest you pay closer attention to are the door size compatibility, the ability to detach the screen, and the resistance to wind.

  • Door Size: make sure you get a magnetic pet screen that will fit the size of the backdoor. Magnetic pet screens will come in various sizes. Common dimensions you may notice are 36 by 83 inches, and 39 by 83 inches doors.
  • Screen Detaching: you won’t be leaving the backdoor open all day long (only for the duration of when your pet is allowed out). It is important to have a magnetic pet screen that can be easily detached when not in use. A lot of the screen doors will utilize a frame hook and loop which you can easily remove to move the mesh curtain.
  • Wind Resistance: to protect the indoor space from outdoor pests, you will need a mesh curtain that can withstand some wind. Ideally, the mesh curtain should have enough weight to not be swayed by the wind, but it should also not be heavy enough so that your dog or cat has difficulty getting through the curtain.

Common Questions About Pet Screen Doors

Here are some common questions that people had when buying or using magnetic pet screen doors.

What is a Magnetic Screen Door?

A magnetic screen door basically allows you to leave your house door wide open while preventing pesky bugs like house flies from entering. It isn’t necessarily just for the use of pets. Some homeowners may want to install magnetic screen doors so that they can enjoy the nice cool breeze from the outdoor air.

How Do You Install a Magnetic Screen Door?

Most types of magnetic screen doors are actually fairly easy to setup and install. The first step of installation is typically to clean the door frame of any debris and dirt. The next step is to attach the nylon sticker strip along the edge of the door. Once the nylon strip is firmly attached to the door frame, you can then attach the mesh curtain tot the strip. That’s all there is to this.

How Do You Measure the Correct Screen Door Size?

We would suggest you to get proper measurements of your door before you make a purchase. You will need to measure the height and width of the door entrance. The height should be based on the distance between the floor and the upper door jamb, while the width should be measured based on the distance between the two door jambs on the side. We would suggest getting a magnetic pet screen door that’s a few inches larger than the measurement.