Ways to Prevent Pests from Infesting an Outdoor Dumpster


The best way to prevent pests and infestations on outdoor dumpsters is to be careful of what’s being thrown out. Being mindful of how the trash is thrown out is also essential, as sealing it up can deter or slow down some pests.

Take a few steps to take care of your dumpster adequately:

Placement – Always keep it as far away as possible from the building to avoid pests coming indoors. Keep it on top of asphalt or concrete for easier cleaning, as dirt or soil can absorb liquids leaked from it and attract pests. Trim any bushes and grass nearby.

Sanitizing – Regularly wash it and degrease it. Preventing any accumulation of older trash inside is essential to avoid pests and get rid of foul odors.

Monitoring – Be sure to keep it always closed and sealed up along with the bags inside. Avoid overflowing, as preventing the dumpster from closing up will spread odors and attract several pests.

Condition – Keep a close eye on holes and rust, as these will weaken the sealing of the dumpster and allow pests to get in and reproduce inside it.